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About Oov Fundamentals...

Strength, speed, power and agility are more effectively achieved if motor control, stability and endurance can be maintained. These qualities are the basis of all exercises with the Oov. The Oov gives the practitioner the ability to assess movement at an unprecedented level. Students will learn the nuances of adding or removing load and resistance to increase mobility or fine motor control throughout the spine, joints and abdominal wall to achieve stability and endurance. This course will explore how using the Oov can help improve functional movement and can enhance all functional training. 

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

1. Demonstrate correct set up, safety and care of the Oov.

2. Understand how Balance training on the Oov can be a useful tool to identify faulty movement patterns and for enhancing motor learning.

3. Learn how to identify what parts of the body you are going to: Move, Activate and Control.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of Tolerance and Load in Balance Training.

5. Understand the importance of Sequential Training and demonstrate how to safely modify and exercise by using regression or progression.

6. Understand how the "Four Pillars of Movement"; Axial Elongation, Core Control, Hip Mobilization, and Shoulder Mobilization play an important role in efficient movement.

7. Demonstrate a knowledge of the various characteristics that identify compensatory movement patterns.

8. Understand how the concepts and methods identified in this course can be used with any form of Functional Training.

9. Effectively teach the exercises described in this course to individuals and a large group.

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March 14-15, 2020