My vision is to inspire healthy lifestyles, create quality personal interactions and cultivate a healthy community by:  
1. Creating awareness of personal strengths and abilities through Pilates
2. Improving function, power, agility and confidence through Pilates
3. Preserving the core principles of the Pilates Method as taught by Joseph Pilates

In the right place at the right time

A student of Pilates since 2001, my curiosity launched me into the studios of first and second generation Pilates teachers. My pilgrimage includes the authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates, contemporary voices of the Pilates Method and anatomy studies with Tom Myers. Each session is rooted in years of personal study and application of the Pilates method with clients of all levels and abilities! ​

PL Vision

Professional Affiliations

Keeping Current       
A teacher of teachers, LA Pilates Lab is committed to staying current with the latest research in movement science. A student of Pilates since 2002, I have studied under six Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs, completing the most recent in 2018. I am committed to providing high quality movement education experiences for clients and contributing to the growth and success of the Pilates industry as a Pilates Educator and Presenter. 

Personalized Pilates Program Design

We begin with a movement assessment and discussion about your personal fitness goals. Your Pilates program will be curated specifically for you and your needs and will be continuously adjusted as you progress through your training.

​Are you completing rehabilitation or physical therapy treatment? I will work with your Physical Therapist or Doctor to transition you to an appropriate, supervised exercise program.

Why Pilates Lab?

LA Pilates Lab

Passion for artistry, health & community
My mother was a dancer and my father was a painter and arts educator. Consequently, my childhood was embedded with the joy and beauty of the arts. From an early age, I had an innate passion for dance and was introduced to Pilates as a dance major. My commitment to providing quality movement education is fueled by the community of artist, dance and Pilates educators who have been my mentors over the years and a deep understanding of the power and the role of movement in our lives!