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Mirea has been passionate about movement and dance since she was a child. A graduate of the University of Arizona School of Dance, she has traveled internationally as a director, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. Looking for ways to share her passion for quality movement experiences with individuals outside of the dance studio, Mirea began teaching the Pilates method in 2002 after completing her first of many Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training programs. ​Click here to read MORE


Created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 20th century, the Pilates Method is one of the most innovative, effective and efficient physical fitness systems around. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, elite athlete, pre or post rehab, pre or post natal, managing a autoimmune disorder or simply looking to feel better in your body, Pilates will enhance your life! Pilates allows you to improve function, strength, agility and balance in a safe, yet challenging environment! 

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